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Immerse Yourself For 70-Minutes

100% Private Experiences

More Than An Escape Room™ Escape Hour Austin is shaking up the escape room industry. Offering never experienced levels of immersion, engagement, and wow-factor. Masterfully crafted Escape Experiences, all 100% designed and built by our Immersioneers™


Award-Winning Immersive Experiences.

Voted One Of Austin's Most Immersive Escape Venues. Thousands of 5-Star Reviews. Austin's Top Escape Experience Destination. 

After playing every Escape Room Austin has to offer - the conclusion is clear: Escape Hour Austin is hands down the most immersive, and premium out of all of the options.


Purchase Gift Voucher

 Want to give the best gift you could give? 

Special Groups

Have a group bigger than the room's maximum and need to look into multiple room options? Want to book at time that isn't listed? Or do you have an event you want to plan? You would be a "Special Group".

Passport Program

No, these are not like your travel passports. These are escape room enthusiast passports! Gather stamps of the experiences that you have done all around the world. If you purchase a passport from us, you can redeem a lot of perks! 


We have a huge fan base of thousands on Facebook, and each month hundreds of them win free escape hour collectibles. Get involved now and become a Top Fan!

Our Escape Experiences

Hijacked on the Holiday Express (NEW & LIMITED-TIME)

Embark on a thrilling North Pole adventure in our escape room: Fix the Holiday Express, thwart a Christmas sabotage, and save the First Gift Of Christmas ceremony!


Easily one of Austin's most ambitious escape experiences to date. The Crypt is here to set a new standard for escape rooms. Here's your chance to experience something so immersive, so adventurous, that it'll be hard playing another Escape Room anywhere other than Escape Hour Austin. 

Dead Mans Cove

The life of a pirate is short, but filled to the brim with adventure, gold, and notoriety. But what few account for is how infamy makes one live forever through their legend. Your sea fairing adventure starts here...

Call of the Ancient

The subconscious mind is a powerful thing, and is in fact the reason you have felt compelled to come to the lodge. Though you cannot quite pinpoint why, your strange dreams and whispers from your conscience have led you here, like following a trail of breadcrumbs. But now that you’ve arrived, there is no turning back. 

Lab Rats

You and the other subjects must work together to provide the necessary data to satisfy your captors, so that you may be released. But whether this means the end to the Lab Rats’ experiments remains to be seen. Do they seek to take over mankind? 

Baker Street Mystery (NEW & LIMITED-TIME)

Unravel a sinister murder in Victorian London and dismantle the infamous Baker Street Five in this thrilling mystery game - your keen observation and deduction skills can heat up a rapidly chilling trail!

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