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Escape Hour Fan Club

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Facebook Top Fan Program

Interact - Like Our Page - Win Free Prizes

Our wildly popular Top Fan Program on our Facebook page is here to stay! To get involved is really simple-  here's how: 

  • Like & Follow our Facebook page. Be sure to enable the "See First" option in notifications. 

  • Interact with our page by liking posts, sharing, commenting, and tagging friends. 

  • Simply by liking our page - each month, the first 50 facebook fans can stop by our location, show you like the page and get a free pin - which is different each month, so collect them all! 

  • Additionally, Facebook issues Top Fan Badges to people on our Facebook page that interact often. When you come to pick up your pin and show us you're also a Top Fan on our page, not only will you get the pin, but you will also receive a mystery merch box. 

  • It's that easy. Win prizes every month. 

  • Get involved on our Facebook Page! 

Support Us On Patreon

Exclusive Group - Immense Value - Support EHGH

The world-renowned family-owned Escape Room business with locations around the united states is now bringing to you a way to get even more involved! 

We are extending the Escape Hour Universe and pumping this Patreon with a ton of exclusive content! You thought you were a fan of Escape Hour before, you just wait! Offering short stories, podcasts, comics, art, exclusive merch, and so much more. The ultimate one-stop-shop for the ultimate exclusive Escape Hour experience. 

Immerse yourself in the universe that is Escape Hour with rich and wonderous stories. 

We're glad you're here.  

Passport Program

Track Experiences - Massive Perks - Exlusive Events

Become a Passport Holder to get exclusive stamps to track your experiences, access to Passport Holder only events, an insane list of perks, and much more. Since launching the program our passports have sold out dozens of times because of the value that the program has for more info click the button below!

More Than A Podcast

Listen - Support - Enjoy

Whether or not you’ve played our experiences, Escape Hour Presents: More Than A Podcast™ will transport you behind the scenes of Escape Hour, one of the nation’s most immersive escape rooms. Prepare to be taken on a journey through the ins and outs of life behind the curtain as we provide you with hilarious anecdotes from our staff, engaging lore you can’t get anywhere else, and answers to your most pressing questions. If you’ve ever been curious about how we do things, or want to dive even deeper in the universe we are building, you won’t want to miss this.

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