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Special Groups

Define Special Group:

A group that exceeds our room maximums that need to look into booking multiple rooms. Or A Group that isn't able to book on our regular booking software for whatever reason. Whether that be a time-slot not listed or special accommodations needed.   

Is Escape Hour Good For Work Events?:

Escape Rooms by nature are the perfect activity for team building. Forcing you to communicate with one another and work together to accomplish a goal. Escape Hour Gig Harbor is a premier team building activity that has hosted some of Washington's largest companies.

Do I Have To Have An Account Before Submitting A Special Group Form?

Yes. Please create an account prior to submitting your special group form. This will immensely speed up the process after we receive your form. Please click here to create an account and then come back to this page and submit a form. 

What You Get:

• Custom Time-slot
• Guaranteed Booking
• Discounted Per Person Rate (for groups of +22 people) 
​• Private Booking 
​• Tiered Pricing (for all groups under 22) 


• 10% off entire purchase for groups that book 22+ tickets (if paid in 1 transaction)
• All groups with less than 22 people will go on private booking tiered pricing per room. The more tickets you buy per room the cheaper the per person price. 

Room Maximums:

• Lab Rats 15 People 

• Dead Man's Cove 6 People 

• The Crypt 7 People

Call of the Ancient 6 People