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"Dead man's cove was so much fun! It was our first time but definitely not our last! Great customer service and the lady's working went out of their way to accommodate us. Thanks for the fun."

Amanda N.


 "Had a great time with our family in the Pirate room! Staff was super friendly & everything was super clean & covid sterile friendly. It took us 59min to escape & it was tricky fun!!! We wouldn't had escaped without the help of our 2 teenage sons..."

Chris C.


"We did the pirate-themed room with me, my husband, and our four boys. It was SO fun! The kids all loved it, and everyone stayed engaged and helped solve the puzzles, even our 8 year old. It was a really good family activity. It was a very well-done room. I've already booked a time to go again!"

Emily W.


Despite the brutal nature of Edward Morgan, his crew was exceptionally loyal. They would follow him to his demise and beyond, their souls bound to the ship that took them all to their graves. The Marcosa was wrought with the lowliest outlaws, all of which possessed a greed that could only be overshadowed by their captain. The only thing binding them all together was the promise of riches, a promise Edward Morgan frequently delivered on. 
Dozens of ships have fallen to the might of the Marcosa, and countless more have been sent to the seabed by her ghost. Whether it be sheer luck or the cunning of Captain Morgan, the first time the Marcosa met it’s match was also it’s last. The Battle of Urchin’s Cove saw the end of hundreds of lives, including that of the Marcosa and it’s crew. Legend holds that the Marcosa took down fifteen ships before she met her fate: the collaborative effort of privateers and a group of ships hand selected by the king of England to end the Marcosa’s bloody reign.

Some stories are best left in the past. Perhaps your curiosity doesn’t abide by that rule. Or maybe you were never much for the quiet life. Whether it be either, neither, or both, you’ve made your way to Urchin’s Cove to discover the Marcosa’s secrets. What sets you apart from those who have come here before you? You had better think quickly, lest you be claimed by the legends yourself.

The life of a pirate is short, but filled to the brim with adventure, gold, and notoriety. But what few account for is how infamy makes one live forever through their legend. The legend of Edward Morgan, the Captain of the Grand Marcosa, is shrouded in mystery and fear. It is said that his hunger for wealth was matched only by his hatred for privateers and the lawmen that pursued him across the seas of the Caribbean. When the Marcosa’s streak of plundering met it’s end at the hands of a royal fleet, it was only the beginning. The ship went down in Urchin’s Cove, filled to the brim with treasure that Edward Morgan sought to keep to himself until his bitter end. But those who have sought this treasure for themselves have scarcely returned. Those that do survive cry out that the vengeful spirit of the Marcosa and it’s crew sail Urchin’s Cove, claiming the souls of those foolish enough to pursue it’s vast bounty.

Dead Man's Cove

Group Size: 2-6 
Duration: 70 Minutes
​Prices From:  $45 per person
*Price per person does NOT include tax


Adventurous, Exciting, Inspired by Pirates of the Caribbean 



Pirates rule the shimmering waters of the Caribbean, and you and your scrappy crew are some of the best of the best. You'll sail anywhere; no ghost story or old legend is enough to scare you away from a chance at glory and gold. Your endless search for treasure has brought you to Dead Man's Cove, a place that many pirates claim lies between the worlds of the living and the dead. You've heard that an ethereal enemy lurks its murky waters, but there's no reward without a little risk...

Additional Info:

  • Dimly lit at times

  • Immersive 

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