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Hijacked on the Holiday Express 

Run Time: December 5th, 2023 - TBD

Group Size: 3-7 (can be played with groups smaller than 3 if necessary)
Duration: 70 Minutes

Location: 2113 Wells Branch Pkwy Suite #6700 Austin Texas 78728
​Prices From:  $45 per person

*Price per person does NOT include tax

Limited-time, Christmas Experience, High-Demand



With so many places to visit in the North Pole, the enchanted Holiday Express, manned by train conductor Charlie, comes in handy! This year, you and your elf friends have been assigned an important job: Use the Holiday Express to bring the last batch presents from Santa's Workshop all the way down to the town square for a magical Christmas ceremony! But when the Holiday Express suddenly breaks down on your way to the town square, you have to act fast! You have 70 minutes to repair the train and make it to the ceremony in time! If you don't, Christmas will be ruined!

This newest, limited-time holiday experience will blow your wool socks off and send you holly-jollying right into next year!


(read prior to your experience)

It’s expansive up here in the North Pole!


There's Santa's Workshop, the town square, the Naughty Or Nice Headquarters, and many other places of interest as well.  


These places aren’t near each other, however. Many miles stretch between locations. That’s why the North Pole has an enchanted train – the Holiday Express – manned by our very own Railroad Engineer: Charlie. The Holiday Express travels between each destination every day!


With so many jobs to do before Christmas, we called on you and your elf friends! This year, you have been assigned to Present Fulfillment. 


Your job is simple: acquire the final shipment of presents from Santa's workshop and use the Holiday Express to deliver it to the Townsquare. Load the shipment of presents into Santa's toy bag just in time for the First Gift Of Christmas ceremony, and kick off Christmas as we know it! 


Well, it was supposed to be simple. 


It was only 30 minutes into your long journey from Santa's Workshop to the town square when the locomotive shuddered and came to a screeching halt. Lights started to flicker, and a frigid, dense layer of air settled within the cabin. 


Your priorities have now shifted: get to the bottom of what happened! Is someone trying to sabotage Christmas? Where's Charlie? You have 70 minutes to get the train up and running, and ensure the presents are still accounted for. If you don't finish in 70 minutes or less, you won't have enough time to make the ceremony, and Christmas will be ruined for millions! 


Time to burn the midnight oil, Elves! It's all up to you!


"Escape Hour's yearly Christmas experiences are the best! They are how my family knows it's the Christmas season! It's our yearly tradition. 



Escape Hour's Christmas Rooms are the BEST PART OF THE HOLIDAYS!



After your first holiday escape room at Escape Hour, it will become your yearly tradition. Hands down so much fun!




Group of 8 did the Mayan Curse, pure fun for all! Even though large group, there was enough that each of us were busy thinking, looking, excavating.


Trip Advisor

Oh, no! We are cursed for eternity because we failed to solve the Curse Of The Mayan Ruins, but we sure had fun trying. Since this was the first time for most of our party to be in an escape room there was definitely a learning curve but the game master was really good at keeping us going. We have discussed going back to try again - it would be nice to lift this curse!


Trip Advisor

There's no experience like the kinds that you can find at Escape Hour Gig Harbor; the people are kind and helpful, the rooms are challenging (but not impossible), you can set your own pace with hints and help, and discounts are offered with repeat attempts- I love this place!

Adam B.

Trip Advisor

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