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Group of 8 did the Mayan Curse, pure fun for all! Even though large group, there was enough that each of us were busy thinking, looking, excavating.


Trip Advisor

Oh, no! We are cursed for eternity because we failed to solve the Curse Of The Mayan Ruins, but we sure had fun trying. Since this was the first time for most of our party to be in an escape room there was definitely a learning curve but the game master was really good at keeping us going. We have discussed going back to try again - it would be nice to lift this curse!


Trip Advisor

There's no experience like the kinds that you can find at Escape Hour Gig Harbor; the people are kind and helpful, the rooms are challenging (but not impossible), you can set your own pace with hints and help, and discounts are offered with repeat attempts- I love this place!

Adam B.

Trip Advisor

The past is shrouded in endless mystery. Even when one thinks they have all the information they can gather, there will always exist an outlier. Some missing piece to the grand puzzle. A prime example of this would be the story of Pedro de Alvarado and Hernan Cortez, who, despite their fame, had many secrets of their own: including the obscure legend of the Crypt, and the ancient mysteries that lie within.

Somewhere deep within the rainforest, there exists a hidden tomb, sought fervently by explorers, archaeologists, and historians alike. What little is known about the crypt hints that there is a trove of knowledge and gold alike: and, depending on how much faith you place into the legends, the legendary Fountain of Youth, the secret to immortality.
It should come as no surprise that something as precious as eternal life would be heavily guarded. What lies in wait within the depths of this forgotten place is anyone’s guess, but perhaps it would be safe to assume danger around every corner. A good explorer should always stay on their toes and be ready to think quickly: the past scarcely waits on the future.

Researchers from all nationalities have tried putting together the pieces that lead to these ruins for centuries, but have only recently managed to pinpoint it’s location. But whether they were the first to discover it remains to be seen. What is known is that you have been chosen to delve into this crypt and discover whether or not legends are a gross exaggeration or a truth worth risking your life for.

The Crypt

Group Size: 3-7 (2 people can play but will need to purchase 3 tickets)
Duration: 70 Minutes
​Prices From:  $45 per person
*Price per person does NOT include tax


Immersive, Mysterious, Adventurous  




A mystery that transcends decades. A place told of in legends. Many have tried to uncover what lay within The Crypt, all have failed. Muster the courage to ascend into a place only talked about fireside. Find out for yourself the history of this ethereal place. Are the legends true? Are you willing to risk it all to find out?  ​

Additional Info:

  • Dynamic Movement - at least one person will have to crawl and climb.

  • Dimly Lit 

  • Immersive 

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