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"Really good fun and really nice people. Did the lab rat room and accommodated 10 people and we had plenty of space to move around and solve the puzzles. We will definitely be going back."

John H.


"TLDR; I’ve done 125+ escape rooms and Lab Rats and Call of the Ancients were both top 10, with Call of the Ancients as my #1 ever. The design, theming, puzzles, ownership and staff were all just incredible. I strongly recommend this escape room! Where do I begin, there are just SO MANY positives and no negatives!"

Brent M.


"We did the Lab Rats one and it’s was sooo much fun!!
Gabby the manager was very helpful and super nice! We will definitely be going again."

Alondra C.


Nature has respected the roles of the hunted and the hunter since time immemorial. Science, in it’s pursuit of understanding the universal question of “why,” has finally culminated in the reversal of this role. But perhaps it was never meant to be this way, as the subjects of this alteration have utilized their newfound intellect to turn the tables on their captors. The genetically altered Lab Rats have become the ones who experiment on the humans: perhaps out of curiosity, or perhaps for revenge. Unfortunately for you, they have lured you into their experiment.

It is unknown if the former subjects mean ill towards you. Perhaps their intellect has surpassed the need for survival instincts, and they have sought to enjoy the irony that comes with turning humans into their guinea pigs: the same way a child may poke an anthill. Whatever the case, the puzzles they’ve concocted are a creation they are eager to put to the test.
Humans are intelligent creatures, perhaps the most intelligent creatures in the world (formerly). The rats have accounted for this, and have learned that collaboration is the key to success. Therefore, they have separated their subjects with the intent of collecting more individual data. The purpose of this data remains a mystery, but the Lab Rats have thus far outsmarted all that have challenged their wit.

You and the other subjects must work together to provide the necessary data to satisfy your captors, so that you may be released. But whether this means the end to the Lab Rats’ experiments remains to be seen. Do they seek to take over mankind? Or do they simply wish to live out their days toying with creatures they find inferior? Whatever the case, there is only one surefire way out of this conundrum: you must think like a Lab Rat

Lab Rats

Group Size: 6-15
Duration: 70 Minutes
​Prices From:  $45 per person
*Price per person does NOT include tax


Teamwork, Fast-Paced, Exciting, Fun



You and your friends have volunteered yourselves for a group experiment based on teamwork. Sure, the scientist running the experiment seems a little absent-minded and may even forget his own name at times, but you're all still excited to see what's in store if you complete his crazy puzzles in time. You and your assigned team must find ways to work together efficiently and solve several colorful puzzles across many different areas. Good communication is as important as any key you come across!

Additional Info:

  • Large groups 

  • Teamwork

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