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The Cabin: Chapter 1

Group Size: 3-8 
Duration: 70 Minutes
​Prices From:  $45 per person
*Price per person does NOT include tax


Immersive, Scary, Adventurous  




Join renowned paranormal investigator Adam Monie in a thrilling escape room experience where you unravel the McKay family's haunting mystery. Dive into a tale of tragedy, a cursed necklace, and unexplained phenomena, as you search for the missing daughter, Matty, and the mysterious necklace that could end the family's nightmarish ordeal. This immersive adventure promises suspense, intrigue, and a race against time to dispel the darkness engulfing the McKay household. Book now for an unforgettable journey into the paranormal! ​

Additional Info:

  • Dynamic Movement - at least one person will have to crawl and/or climb.

  • Dimly Lit 

  • Immersive 

  • Scary

  • Wheelchair accessible


(read prior to your experience)

I don’t have much time to explain everything here, but I’ll do my best. My name is Adam Monie, and I am a paranormal investigator. I was hired to look into the incident surrounding the McKay family. Here are my findings so far:

The McKay's story began when Henry McKay married Elizabeth Martin. They lived a passionate life and travelled all over the world in search of secrets and memories. They climbed mountains, hiked forests, and explored foreign countries, all in the name of adventure.

One day, after years of travel, Elizabeth found out she was pregnant. Henry and Elizabeth couldn’t have been happier! Together, they imagined their new life. A life where they would teach their child how to be brave, spontaneous and kind.

Then, one month after this wondrous news, Elizabeth began to feel ill. At first they thought it was nothing to worry about, but when she failed to recover Henry became concerned. Elizabeth went in for tests and it was concluded that she had roughly six months to live. Neither she nor their unborn child would survive.

To say Henry was distraught would be a disservice to their memory. He was ruined. Elizabeth put on a brave face but it was clear to see their lives were completely upended. They sought many opinions and remedies, but nothing worked. Elizabeth faded more each day, and Henry felt himself slipping as well.

Until the night he found the photo.

The photo he found was taken in an old village from their most recent excursion. He remembered speaking with a medicine woman who lived there. He remembered her seeming so wise. He suddenly had to know if she could help him. In this moment he viewed her as his only hope.

I won’t go into the details of his trip. But I’ll tell you this: He left quickly, and did not divulge the nature of this trip with his wife. He found the village and sought this healer’s aid. Henry returned after a week, though he did not return empty handed. He carried a necklace - one he was told would heal his wife and child, at a cost. And it did. He soon forgot the warning he received before he left the village.

Time is running out, so I’ll be quick. Elizabeth began to heal. She gave birth. Their child was a girl and they named her Matty. Something changed in Henry after the birth of their daughter, however. The old medicine woman’s words sprang up in his memory. They gnawed at the back of his mind. “ a cost.” He took the necklace and locked it away.

Years went by and Henry only grew more paranoid. I seem to remember this is when the happenings started. They began reporting people in their home who weren’t there. Whispering. Broken dishes, scratched walls, torn clothes. Henry lost sleep. He became withdrawn. His daughter grew, but as she did she exhibited strange behavior. She became friends with the shadows - laughed in the darkness. The crushing weight of being watched caused Henry to sink deeper into his personal hell. He’d see and hear things that weren’t there. He begged the darkness to look away.

Henry couldn’t take the insanity anymore. One day he threw open the box that held the necklace, desperate to destroy it. But it was gone. And soon he learned, so was Matty.

Here we are, a month after the little girl went missing. I’m out of time now, so listen closely. The McKay’s hired me to help find their daughter, and now I’ve brought you in to assist. You see, I sense the child is still here - somewhere in the house. Somewhere just out of reach.

I can sense the necklace, too. If we had it, we’d be one step closer to putting an end to this horror once and for all. I need you to find it for me.

I can only keep the darkness at bay for a short time. Are you ready?


Group of 8 did the Mayan Curse, pure fun for all! Even though large group, there was enough that each of us were busy thinking, looking, excavating.


Trip Advisor

Oh, no! We are cursed for eternity because we failed to solve the Curse Of The Mayan Ruins, but we sure had fun trying. Since this was the first time for most of our party to be in an escape room there was definitely a learning curve but the game master was really good at keeping us going. We have discussed going back to try again - it would be nice to lift this curse!


Trip Advisor

There's no experience like the kinds that you can find at Escape Hour Gig Harbor; the people are kind and helpful, the rooms are challenging (but not impossible), you can set your own pace with hints and help, and discounts are offered with repeat attempts- I love this place!

Adam B.

Trip Advisor

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