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"My family and I had the best time in the escape the manor room!!! Lindsey was absolutely amazing & made our time super enjoyable. Definitely recommend going here."

Julia A.


"This place is awesome. The atmosphere and set up is really nice and creative and covid safe. We had so much fun in the haunted manor. We made it out with 6 seconds to spare. Can't wait to go again!"

Jennifer F.


"This was so much fun!! The Escape the Manor room was really fun to solve. Would definitely go back."

Anna N.


Few can be certain the stories behind the so-called “evil spirit” have any concrete basis. Rumor and superstition seem to be all that lead towards a reason behind the Atherton family’s demise. But if the rumors are true, who would dare to cross the domain of an accursed spirit? The truth to these rumors can only be found within the manor itself, but before it can be uncovered, you must ask yourself: what would you do to sate your curiosity?

Speculation envelops where exactly the beginning of the end for the Athertons was. Elrich and his sister seemed certain that they had been cursed, and those who witnessed firsthand the travesties they endured could scarcely disagree. The siblings attribute their bad luck to their uncle, who procured the selfsame artifact that had been the beginning of their misfortune.
Spirits are fickle things when they have unresolved business. But some spirits persist only to invoke mayhem and destruction upon the living. The artifact Lucas Atherton brought to his mansion, the source of all the Atherton family’s ruin, had been inhabited by a malevolent spirit from days long past. Now, with a new host for it’s eternal torment, the spirit seeks vengeance upon the living for the pain it had suffered in life. Now, whenever a soul crosses the threshold of the manor’s door, it is cursed to suffer at the hands of whatever caused the Athertons to meet their fate.

Lucas Atherton was always a strange man. He was fascinated by the unknown, when perhaps he should have been fearful of it. His curiosity came at a terrible price, however: a price his family would pay for. Elrich Atherton, his nephew, would lose everything when his uncle brought back a cursed artifact to the family manor. The nature of the curse remains mysterious, but it’s hold on the Atherton family spelled misery for Elrich. He would lose all those he loved to tragedy: his wife, his sister, and his daughter. Soon, he himself would succumb to despair, but his spirit would be held captive by whatever twisted misfortune had brought this fate upon them all. 

The Manor

Group Size: 2-6 
Duration: 70 Minutes
​Prices From:  $45 per person
*Price per person does NOT include booking fee


Suspenseful, Spooky, Adventurous 



Elrich was a man who loved both his family and his huge manor, stocked with beautiful items from all over the world. However, one of those items, a golden amulet found by his uncle, ended up being much more than just a pretty trinket. It was a cursed artifact, and its evil power slowly took everything away from poor Elrich, including his family, his life, and his freedom. Even in death, his spirit is still trapped in the darkened ruins of his once-beautiful home. It's been decades since he lost everything, and he desperately needs your help. Will you escape or join Elrich for an eternity trapped in the manor?

Additional Info:

  • Spooky

  • Dimly Lit 

  • Immersive

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